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Analyzes, longer and more comprehensive videos, podcasts, webinars, newsletters, articles on other portals – once a month (or more often!) . Reports, case studies, e-books, podcasts with the participation of experts – once a quarter (or more often!) . Summaries and other extensive publications – once every six months or once a year . In this mode, it is best to plan special activities, such as the release of a mobile application, but also offline projects, such as training or conferences. Will this plan work for you? Not necessarily.

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There is no universal formula, so a content marketing plan is a very individual matter. However, you can treat the above template as a hint and inspiration. Detail publication schule You have already establish topics, types of content and distribution Israel Mobile Number List channels. Now you ne to prepare an exact publication schule with – at least indicative – dates. There are at least a few tools available to help you with this. However, the simplest and very useful turn out to be. Google Sheets. How to plan content – an example of a publication schule Content is a king? We have to argue with this! Creating content will not bring the expect results if you act without a plan.

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Building a strategy and planning content is not easy, but it certainly gives sense to all content marketing activities. Now you know how to do it right. How to start advertising on TikTok? Aleksandra Skindzier December , You will read in ~ min. ad on tiktok Until recently, TikTok was consider just another “weird” app for Gen Z. Now that it is gaining momentum USB Directory among users of other age groups, advertisers already know that being absent from this platform deprives them of many opportunities. That is why more and more brands are starting to include TikTok in their advertising strategies.

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