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Ads on TikTok can be found primarily in two places. When the application is open and between the view videos. Each of these ads can be rewound at any time. Types of Ads on TikTok Among the Reservation Ads and. Creative Ads offer by TikTok, several types of ads can be distinguish. In-fe These are – to -second video ads that appear in the fe as you scroll through the. For You” section. They blend well with the rest of the content on TikTok. Which makes it difficult to distinguish them from other videos at first. The purchase of this advertisement is made in the reservation system.

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There are two types to choose from. One Day Max – will be display as the first ad in the fe (between and TikTok. Brand Premium – no guarantee in Singapore Mobile Number List which position. The ad will be display. With In-fe ads, users can like, comment, share and interact with TikTok ad videos. They work well in building brand awareness ad infe. TikTokad infe TikTok View This is the first ad that the user will see immiately. After opening the application, at the very top of the “For you” section. It takes up the entire screen. And after three seconds it already looks like an In-Fe ad.

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Shows up to seconds of full-screen video with autoplay and audio. TikTok top view adTikTok top view ad Brand Takeover This format is very similar USB Directory to Top View. But more extensive. TikTok guarantees that. This ad will appear first on a given day to all users in the specifi location. The entire surface of the screen becomes clickable and touching anywhere rirects the user to the specifi page. What’s more, on the day when a brand’s Takeover campaign is schul, users will no longer see another ad when opening the app.

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