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Recent legislative initiatives suggest that a new risk is emerging that companies could previously ignore – fines from regulators and lawsuits from customers. If a law on turnover fines is passedit will become very expensive for organizations to allow leaks. Leak channels According to the InfoWatch expert-analytical centerin more than of leaks in Russia fell on the network channel hacks of network resourcesleaks from cloud servicesdata accidentally left on network storagesetc . More than of leaks happened through messengers – in recent years this is a favorite channel for unscrupulous employees. About of last year’s leaks are related to the compromise of paper documents.

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The share of e-mail fallsanalysts of InfoWatch consider. Among the least common channels are removable mediamobile devices and hardware serverslaptopsPCs. Aleksey Kubarev considers vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure instant messengers cloud storage New Zealand Phone Numbers List personal email removable media to be among the most frequent channels for leaking personal data and critical information. In our opinionin the share of leak latency has increased significantlythat ismany cases of data compromise have gone into the shadows and have not been recorded. One of the reasons for this is the spread of remote work during the pandemic which has greatly complicated control Andrey Arsentiev explains.

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AT the same timewe can talk about the complication of attacks: more and more oftenmore than one party an external attacker or an employee is involved in the theft of informationbut there is a conspiracy of employees with people outside the information contour of the organization. Recentlyfinancial including fintech organizations and IT companies have especially shown USB Directory themselves in terms of the number of data leak incidents says Kirill Solodovnikovan. IT industry – in the lead According to InfoWatchmore than of leaks in Russia in came from the high-tech industry IT companies and services communication service providersetc.government agencies and law enforcement agencies are in second place with a total of more than of leaks. About of all reported leaks came from financial and insurance companies.

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