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What is it and why is it so important? Conversion – definition let’s say you run an online store with educational mats for babies. Your website has really good statistics in google analytics – above all, a lot of traffic. Meanwhile, there was no sale. You see that your potential customers, instead of clicking “Pay”, leave the page. Few orders can certainly not be called successful, and the store barely makes money. Why? It’s probably about low conversion. Sounds enigmatic? Okay, time for some theory. What does “Conversion” mean? It’s a different goal.

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In the context of a website, conversion occurs when a passive user turns into an active one, Performs a specific, expected action. What this activity is supposed to be depends on the specifics of the website, the purpose of the business, and the expectations Namibia Mobile Number List of the website owner. Conversion types there are two basic types of conversions macro conversions and micro conversions. Macro conversions are the main goals that the website owner strives for. From the site owner’s point of view, these are primarily making a purchase, registering a customer account. On the other hand, micro conversions are smaller and less significant activities, which, however, in the long run can also lead to a satisfying macro conversion.

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A sale or establishing cooperation. The most common micro conversions are clicking a link, leaving contact details (so-called sales lead), subscribing to the newsletter, clicking a banner, pop-up, e-book download, liking the company’s page on USB Directory social media, sending an inquiry, using the “Search” magnifying glass on the website, sharing an article, infographics, etc. By the user, watching a video on the website, will remain on the website for a certain period of time, displaying as many subpages as possible during one session, displaying the key subpage of the website, filling the form, leaving feedback. In the case of an online store.