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Thanks to the robots file, only those subpages that are important from the point of view of traffic optimization are scann. The less important ones are omitt. How to create a robots file? You don’t ne any special tools for this. Robots is a plain text file that can be sav in notepad. In order for it to perform its function, after giving it an appropriate name, it should be plac in the root directory of the website – so that it is available after adding “robots” to the domain name. What does robots consist of? The robots file consists of several elements.

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These are primarily allow and disallow directives they inform the robot whether it can enter a given url and verify it (allow) or whether it is unavailable to it (disallow). By default, each robot has the ability to scan every subpage, unless its access Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List is restrict. Example user-agent * disable wp-admin the two items above block crawlers from accessing all addresses starting with wp-admin. This means they won’t be able to scan your wordpress admin panel. Depending on your nes, you can set exceptions here, . Extract an item within a lock directory that robots will have access to user-agent  disable wp-admin allow wp-adminadmin-ajax Php.

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The Allow” directive may also apply not to specific subpages, but to specific robots user-agent * disable user-agent googlebot allow in this case, access to the page is block for all robots except for one – the google robot. User-agent in the examples USB Directory cit above, the term “User-agent” appears. What is it about? In robots, you can include information “Direct” to various scanning robots – such as the already mention googlebot. Thanks to this, the command will apply only to him. You can also specify which specific googlebot user-agent you are “Speaking to user-agent googlebot-news, user-agent adsbot-google, user-agent miapartners-google (for google adsense.