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In the era of omnipresent competition in e-commerce, potential customers do not want to waste time on a slow-moving store. This automatically translates into a high bounce rate, as well as low page usability. As a result, the conversion rate decreases. Compar to a page that takes second to load page loading spe seconds seconds sessions -conversions – bounce rate  source google this is why it is such an important, constant aspect to ensure the spe of the website at a sufficiently high level. This applies to both the mobile and desktop versions.

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Social proof with user generat content [box] “social proof of right refers to the regularity that in a situation where a person does not know which view is right, he makes a decision bas on the observation of others. A confus man looks for people in his Nepal Mobile Number List environment who behave in a decisive way, because self-confidence proves the competence of this someone, so it is worth imitating him.”[box] source an increasingly dominant trend is the provision of social proof. This is one of the strongest shopping amplifiers – stimuli. Many studies show that consumers trust other customers who recommend a product more than sellers or celebrities in advertisements.

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Therefore, in addition to packshotstock photos, it is worth showing photos sent by our customers or post with product reviews. Photo from the client the rise of social mia makes it even easier for you. Thanks to instagram, you can implement your USB Directory customers’ photos if they use the right hashtags. Photos from clients you can also ask existing customers to recommend a product by sharing it on your profile. Thanks to this, such a client can become an influencer for a while and reach new recipients. Photo from a client how to encourage customers to write reviews and share their satisfaction with the productstore in social mia.