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It is worth controlling this state and reacting at the very beginning. Which will make it easier to eliminate cannibalization. What is keyword cannibalizatio. Keyword cannibalization is a phenomenon that occurs when two or more pages have been optimiz for the same phrase or set of phrases. This causes the display of at least two subpages for one. Phrase and results in large fluctuations in the position, which also translates into spikes in traffic on your wsite. Reasons for keyword cannibalization We often commit cannibalization unconsciously due to the lack of a content plan and the lack of proper keyword planning on the wsite.

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Most often, keyword cannibalization can be found on wsites that are constantly epanding. In such a situation, it is easy to duplicate topics through List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers inattention. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the creat category descriptions so that they are focus on a given category, for eample if we describe the category work trousers, then we should not include phrases describing work blouses. How to detect keyword cannibalization? Keyword cannibalization can be detect using paid tools, such as Ahrefs, Senuto, or free tools provid by Google, such as Google Search Console.

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Google Search Console tool By opening the Performance tab in Google Search Console, you can detect keyword cannibalization. One of the simplest USB Directory ways is to select a given phrase, for which we note, for eample, significant fluctuations in positions and add it to the filter and go to the page tab. Thanks to this, we will be able to easily see which URL addresses appear on a given subpage. The screen below is an eample of displaying two subpages for the same phrase – ladies’ shoes. This is evidenc by the similar number of views.