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Remember to check the deployment in preview (debug) mode in gtm at the end. If the events fire properly, post the changes. And done! Ga e-commerce in saas solutions in stores operating on saas, integration with ga looks different. Some platforms are ready for an easy and smooth transition from the “old” analytics to the “new”. Stores built on atomstore and shopper have a great solution – ready integration is available in the panel, which only requires pasting the ga service code into the appropriate window.

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After entering the code, the store will automatically send data to ga with data layer. However, the automatic integration between the store and ga will not cause the reports you are interest in to appear in the explore section in ga. You will Ukraine Mobile Number List have to create such a list yourself from scratch. You can also use the available templates, transforming them to your own nes. We hope that after reading this article, implementing e-commerce events is not as scary as it might seem at first. If for some reason you do not want or cannot take on this task, please contact us. We will do it for you! lead scoring – what is it and what is it for.

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Pawel andrukiewicz april , you will read in ~ min. What is lead scoring? Leads generat by users who visit your website are extremely valuable. Leaving contact details is a signal that a specific person is interest in your business in some way. How strong USB Directory is this signal? Thanks to lead scoring you are able to determine it. What is lead scoring? It is a way of evaluating the value of leads, which assigns a certain number of points to each user activity on your website. Lead scoring allows you to check, among other things, how engag a potential customer is or whether it fits your target group.

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