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Thus, usually stronger domains are consider to be the content owners and they achieve higher results in the search engine. Websites recogniz by Google as plagiarism may not only fall in the search ranking, but disappear from it altogether! Unique content within the same site Duplicate content is a threat that arises not only as a result of duplicating content from external websites. This can also happen on your own website. This happens, among others, when: You put similar product descriptions on different subpages. The homepage exists at several different URLs (prefix with , , or s). Without proper configuration, each of them is treat as a separate website, but with the same (duplicat) content.

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One and the same article is assign to more than one category. A separate address is creat for the same content, creat by adding various parameters when filtering products in the online store. You track user behavior on your website. Then they are sav Latvia Mobile Number List as a session ID, which creates a new URL with the add ID, but still with the same content. Where does the problem of duplicate content come from? Duplication of content most often occurs completely unconsciously. The “about us” tab, where many different companies post the same information, can contribute to this.

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The same applies to product descriptions or their categories in online stores. It is easy to imagine that in the case of online stores, where the assortment consists of hundrs of products, creating original and unique descriptions on such a scale is not USB Directory easy. And this is the most common problem: lack of time or resources to create a unique description, and sometimes even the ne to duplicate content – as in the case of franchise premises, whose pages must look the same. Consequences of duplicate content Imagine that the Google algorithm combs the web every day and finds the same information, but on completely different pages.

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