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Independent positioning of pages vs. positioning of the page commission by the company – what to choose? Interactive agency or freelancer? This question is ask by many people. However, there is no clear answer which is better to choose. It all depends, among others, on the budget allocat for various SEO activities, the amount of free time possible to perform specific positioning activities, the effects we want to achieve and knowlge about positioning and building an appropriate SEO strategy. What does the process mention above consist of.

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All the factors of on-site SEO and off- site SEO are simply thorough, systematic analysis of keywords , planning and building an optimiz structure of the portal, selection, iting and optimization of content category descriptions, creating guide articles Hong Kong Phone Numbers List on the company blog, obtaining good quality links. If the user has etensive knowlge in this field, time and the ability to invest in appropriate tools dicat to SEO activities, he can do it himself. However, as this is a long-term process, requiring constant tracking and analysis of competitors’ movements, development and introducing cyclical changes on and off the wsite, it is much better to entrust such activities to a proven interactive agency, thanks to which the effects will certainly be noticeable much faster.

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The only limitation here is the budget that we can devote to achieving specific goals. What affects the position of a wsite in search results? The position of the wsite on the search lists, in the so-call serp, depends on many factors. From one USB Directory point of view, the wsite should be user friendly. What is meant by this? First of all, that after entering the portal, a potential customer should find eactly what he was looking for. In addition, an important aspect is not only the current content, on a blog, but also valuable both from the point of view of the person reading it and Google indeing robots.