Marketing efficiency and cost cutting

Find an article that is well position and generates a lot of page views, but does not retain your audience for longer (average time spent on the page is low). It may be the fault of outdat or incomplete information, unattractive form of the article, illegible content structure, etc. Comprehensive Content Marketing campaigns Check out our >> OFFER << How to update the content? Verify that the quot data has not expir; Enrich the entry with the latest statistics and research; Add a quote from an expert statement; You have publish a post entitl “Take care of yourself. Good advice for ? Remove the date and make it universal; It is possible that your approach to the subject has chang.

Marketing Efficiency And Cost Cutting

Use it! Add new paragraphs and threads, present your point of view; Check previously add links – internal and external; Make sure that the Austria Cell Phone Number List content is aesthetic and that the visual layer catches the eye of the recipient. Add bullets and bolds; Analyze and update keywords. Optimize your content for SEO. Creating new content Refreshing, updating and expanding the article must have cost you a lot of work. So make sure you get the most out of your old-new content. Squeeze what you can out of it and change its format and purpose.

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E-commerce How To Start A Business Plan

You can create: posts dicat to individual social mia channels, an infographic summarizing the data and conclusions of the article, mailing that you will send to customers, a video on YouTube and a podcast in which you will refer to the topic even more broadly, an interview with a guest who will present his point of view (in the form of an article, video or USB Directory podcast), live on Facebook, an e-book that will allow you to expand the content even more and comprehensively approach the issues rais, a webinar during which you will answer the questions of your audience. Let’s stick to the first point for a moment.