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IN the personal account for mobile devices. We made a special mobile version – it is more concise, and the menu is now adapted to narrow screens. Mobile version of the cabinet Mobile version of personal account Fixed the top menu when scrolling Another nice usability innovation for the mobile version is the fixed top menu. Now the user does not need to scroll the page to return back to the top – all the essentials are fixed at the top of the screen. Top Menu Made it easier to view performance reports In order for customers using our platform to be able to monitor performance statistics anywhere and at a convenient time, not only on desktop, but also on mobile devices, we have optimized images and made it possible to view a table with statistical data.

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The changes affected the reports “Product recommendation effectiveness statistics”: summary information and the “Orders” tab: Report on a mobile device Performance statistics for product recommendations Updated instructions and tips Sometimes, our clients lack Greece Mobile Number List  short guides, instructions, and tips to set up a campaign quickly and correctly. And our team is constantly working to make the process of using modules easier for each user. Added tooltip for disabled button in A/B test For example, if the.

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Template in the A/B test settings for any of the test segments is not created or contains errors, the transition to the next step is blocked. If a template or email subject is not set for some segment, the next step button “Next: Preview, test & launch”/ “Next: Preview and USB Directory launch” is unavailable. Locked button Newbies new to our platform may not understand why this is happening, so our experts have added a hint. It pops up when you hover over a disabled button. A similar solution is used for the “Preview” and “Send test email” buttons. Clue Added a documentation page with a list of system fields More than.

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