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Significantly Some sell access others are engaged in intelligence others are responsible for social engineering primary infection and networking others are responsible for direct attacks others are for monetization and someone else is for hiding traces. This approach offers a turnkey service to the customer of the attack it complicates the process of responding to incidents since each group is deeply profiled in its part and may have expert knowledge recalls Mr. Fesenko. A breach in the armor Since the beginning of the CBO on February almost all foreign IT companies have left Russia the cybersecurity field is no exception. For example the American provider of network security solutions Fortinet the Slovak developer of antivirus software ESET the Czech Avast and the American NortonLifeLock Inc.

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Have stopped working. The list goes on. The Russian profile regulator FSUE Main Radio Frequency Center subordinate to Roskomnadzor for its part on March warned telecom operators about the revocation of its license for foreign cloud products in particular Arbor and Kuwait Mobile Number List the need to urgently switch to physical devices: routers and local servers. Thus Russian companies were actually left without foreign IT solutions to protect their information systems. The second significant problem was the increased shortage of personnel in the industry specialized specialists began to coordinate efforts to organize the relocation.

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Among the popular destinations expats considered were Armenia Georgia Turkey the United Arab Emirates and Cyprus. At the end of February Kommersant’s sources in the market reported that about IT specialists wanted to leave. Companies are also USB Directory thinking about relocation: according to law firms the demand for restructuring and business transfer services abroad from IT companies has grown by about since February . At the moment according to the interlocutor of Kommersant in the cybersecurity market from to of employees of each company have left Russia in this industry.

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