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IN the desktop version of the site, a selection of related offers is displayed under the information about the product, in the card of which the client is located. And in the mobile version, the related products block is located at the bottom of the page after the reviews of other customers. For example, if a customer is viewing a TV card, they can see antennas and mounts in the accompanying recommendations — everything you need to install a new TV and watch your favorite TV shows. Recommendations in the product card A selection of similar products will help you move to the next stage of the sales funnel if the product from the card for some reason did not suit the buyer.

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Blocks of alternative recommendations on the desktop are located at the bottom of the page. In the mobile version, they are located immediately below the product description of the Honduras Mobile Number List card and the listing of services. Recommendation of alternative products We help you find the product you are looking for If the buyer turned to the search bar, it means that he has a formed request: he is looking for certain products and with a high probability he will put them in the basket. Additional motivation to buy can and should be used: offer other products that may be of interest to him.

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Ways to Put Network Marketing on Autopilot

Therefore, both on the desktop and in the mobile version of the site, on the search page for each client, a selection of personal recommendations is formed – products selected taking into account the interests and preferences of the client. Search page We make interesting USB Directory offers if the search does not return results And even if the client did not find the product he was looking for, he can make a relevant offer. For example, a customer looking for a particular brand of coffee beans might be interested in other brands of coffee from an online retailer’s catalog. Empty search We recommend discounted.