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Contact” show the client that in case of doubt, he can always ask you. Your answers should dispel them, and you should generate the answer as soon as possible after receiving the query. Also, do not forget to prepare legible store regulations and provide clear and legible conditions for returning goods. An additional advantage will also be promotional campaigns in social mia, but also on the web, . Google Ads. The success of ecommerce sales depends primarily on customers and whether they will want to buy in your store. Therefore, when deciding on ebusiness, make every effort to surround the potential consumer with the best possible care.

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Remember about the transparent website interface, intuitive shopping path and additional promotional activities that will increase the awareness of your brand among Internet users. Canonical what is a canonical address? Ewa RuchaWisniewolska Honduras Mobile Number List May , You will read in ~ min. Canonical what is a canonical address Duplication of content is not welcome, especially since we can be punish by Google with large drops in the search engine position. And as you know a lower position equals lower traffic and lower earnings. In addition, duplication makes it difficult to crawl a given URL. Do you want to avoid this and steer Google robots in the right direction? Use the canonical tag for this.

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Check how it works! What is canonical? Canonical is a meta tag that is plac on a website, more specifically in the header of an HTML document in the <head>…<head> section. It indicates to Google robots whether a given URL is an USB Directory original, priority or canonical link. In this way, we eliminate the repetition of identical content at different addresses, which we refer to as duplication of content. And we must emphasize that if the robots find many pages with the same content, they choose the one that they find the most complete, useful and the best quality, and then mark it as canonical.