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keywords in the form of queries – eample. Phrases in the form of inquiriesadvice – result from the Google search engine. Eample what cycling shoes average number of searches . Brand phrases Brand phrases are epressions closely relat to the brand, most often in the form of long tail keywords. They include the name of the company, brand. Manufacturer, product, part of the wsite, surnames, artistic pseudonym, etc. in the password enter into the search engine. Thanks to this procure, robots indeing previously collect data will display search results containing a given brand at the very beginning. In the case of original names in the brand phrase. All pages relat to it will be naturally present in the highest possible position.

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Eample of a brand phrase Brand phrases – result from the Google search engine. Eample ccc lasocki women’s wge shoes average number of searches . Regional keywords Regional keywords geo targeting keywords enter in the search engine display Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List results from a given location. In the enter epression, in the case of this type of key. Phrases, it is necessary to provide the name of the area, town, district, region or country. Thanks to this procure, the search results are significantly narrow down and reach only a specific group of recipients. This is an effective solution if you want to spread your company business locally. regional keywords – eample Regional keywords – result from Google search.

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Szewc Warszawa Centrum average number of searches . An ecellent procure that helps users entering regional keywords in the search engine to find offers from a given region is to add your company’s Google listing. We wrote more about USB Directory this in the article entitl Google My Business. How to create a business card step by step. By combining these two solutions, positioning ourselves on local keywords and adding your company’s business card on the w, we have the opportunity not only to reach a larger audience, but also to raise brand awareness .

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