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You can read more about the alt attribute in our article devot to issues relat to Google Graphics: s:sempaiblogjak-pozyskiwac-wiecej-uziałow-z-google-grafika Professional and comprehensive positioning Check out our >> OFFER << on SEO Meta tags – how to choose and what impact do they have on SEO? Google has admitt that meta title is one of over ranking factors. This means that we will benefit from good optimization of this meta tag. Well-execut optimization must be bas on generally accept rules: meta title should.

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Be limit to characters with spaces (optimal version), and should not exce ; the title content should contain the main keyword for which we position the subpage. In the case of meta description, the situation is a bit different – it does not have Qatar Mobile Number List such an impact on the “power” of SEO itself, although Google recommends in its guidelines that the description should be a concise summary, containing the most important keywords. It is also worth remembering that the meta description should be unique for each subpage. In addition, let’s note that a well-written meta description will also affect the CTR of our positions, thanks to which the amount of traffic on the site will increase.

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The optimal length of the meta description is about characters. The meaning of the title meta tag, how to interest the search engine robot and the human USB Directory When conducting SEO activities, we must think about both crawlers and users. The page title should therefore be written in a simple and understandable way. When optimizing this element, we must remember to show the algorithms and our potential customers what is on the page. Each subpage of the website should have a unique meta title so that errors are not communicat in Google Search Console and that there is no cannibalization.

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