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Thanks to the campaign promoting the application, we can display the advertisement in many places at once, such as: search engine How to promote mobile apps with Google Ads – ad placement – search engine Display Network (Display) How to promote mobile applications with Google Ads – ad placements – display advertising network Google Play ad placements – play store YouTube ad placements discovery ad placements – discovery Creating ads and the principle of operation Advertisements are generat automatically, which does not mean that nothing depends on us.

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We create advertising texts, such as headlines and lines of text, ourselves. It should be remember, however, that we have no influence on the final Georgia Mobile Number List shape of the advertisement (with which graphics video it will be display), so they must be universal, which in some cases may be a difficulty for copywriters. In the case of graphics and video, differentiat content should be provid. This will allow the algorithms to learn, and thus increase their effectiveness. Advertisements are creat bas on the resources provid by us in various configurations so that they are best suit to the user. A sufficiently large advertising resource guarantees reaching a larger number of users, as well as being display in various placements.

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Pro Tip Divide your campaigns into ad groups, where each group is a different topic. Thanks to this, we will deliver even more relevant ads relat to a given topic to the right users. How does it look in practice? Car rental campaign – groups: All cars brands Body type [box] Types of campaigns promoting mobile applications . Application installation USB Directory This campaign will be optimiz for as many app installs as possible. However, we can choose the type of targeting from two possible options: All users Users willing to take action in the app If the latter option is select, the campaign will be target at users who potentially perform a specific action in the application.

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