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Affinity Audience – A method us to increase awareness of a brand, product or service among users who show a clear interest in select topics. Custom Affinity Audiences – A setting that allows you to narrow down the group of affinity audiences . Depending on what campaign goal we choose, we may serve ads to users bas on their passions, habits and interests. This form also allows you to use data on the recipient’s recent purchase intentions. Life events – Moving, graduation, wding – are just some of the events that we can indicate to Google in terms of choosing the advertising method and its targeting.

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Such significant life changes are very often associat with a change in purchasing tendencies. Recipients in the market – By properly preparing the campaign, we can use this targeting solution to find customers looking for information and who are at the Kenya Mobile Number List stage of considering buying or using the services we offer. Non-standard, like-mind audiences – The option was creat especially for advertisers with high ad performance. The ad arrives at the moment of making the purchase decision. To do this, the algorithms use the keywords that users type into Google search.

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Video remarketing – By targeting remarketing groups, we reach users by analyzing their previous interaction with our ads. Thanks to the correct connection of YouTube and GoogleAds accounts, custom user remarketing lists will be creat automatically Remarketing on wsites and applications – The principle is similar to the previous one, we USB Directory reach users who have already had contact with our wsite or mobile application. The algorithms will focus on those users who have shown interest in our products or services. Customer list targeting – We can define and choose the list of users to whom we want to reach with ads. To do this, we ne to prepare a ready-made file containing information specifi by Google, such as e-mail address.

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