B2b customer purchase path

Storage fee – is charg for all units (packages. Stor at amazon fulfillment centers bas on. A calendar month and average daily volume per cubic meter. Size is determin after appropriate packaging ready. For shipment to customers in accordance with the rules. Of the fba program. Fee for optional services – includes returns, disposal, labeling, packing in bags. Bubble wrap, sealing and packing in opaque bags. Long-term storage fee – applies to inventory. That is held at amazon fulfillment centers for more than days. This fee is charg on a monthly basis.

The Purchasing Path In A B2b Company

However, it will not be charg if a request is made to remove products from amazon’s inventory before the fee is charg. Cross-border fee – is charg when Cyprus Mobile Number List selling in a country other than the one where the goods are stor. For example, if you ship to fulfillment centers locat in germany and the purchase is made by a consumer from spain, amazon will charge an additional fee for the delivery of the order. To be exempt from the cross-border fee, you must join the amazon pan-european program. Fba new selection program joining fba as a new reseller and adding new products through the fba new selection program is very cost effective.

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Amazon offers new benefits such as free storage and limit time returns. In addition, sellers with a register brand can receive a rebate of of revenues from the sale of new products in fba. The fba new selection program is available to new USB Directory sellers with a professional account plan and those with an fba inventory management index greater than or equal to points. Which model to choose? Each entrepreneur selling their products on the amazon platform should answer this question individually. Both models have their advantages, but the choice depends on many factors.

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