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In this case, make sure it starts without sound. Show video timer . Show viewers how long the video lasts and where they are in the playback. Keep your call to action visible . Make sure your CTA ( Call To Action ) elements are clearly visible, which should encourage conversion. Use graphics and animations (content) . In the case of, for example, guides or instructional videos, it is worth using graphics to explain the points discuss whenever possible. Animat graphics will also make a good impression, which will bring the film to life and keep the viewer’s attention.

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Personalization – use machine learning Personalization of the text on welcome banners (pop-ups) or in mailing to customers is not enough. It Belgium Mobile Number List is worth using much more personaliz marketing, which should translate into better customer experience (Customer Experience). This, in turn, will allow for better sales results and usability (User Experience) of the website. The personalization methods include adjusting the offer bas on the purchase history, previous activities on the website by a specific user, as well as the prices or products desir by him.

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An example of such activities is the use of product carousels on the website such as: “recently view”, “you may be interest”, “select for you”, “similar products”, “other in this series”, “customers buying viewing this product also bought” e.t.c. select for you personalization on the site Some product carousels can be us both on the home page and on the product USB Directory subpage. However, some of them, due to their function, will work only on the product card, . “others from this series”. other products in the category It is also worth using sliders of the type “most often bought together” or “buy in a set”. sets It’s even better if it means real savings for the client, which you can additionally show on the slider.

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