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Try not to upload photos that are too large, because the larger they are, the more automatic compression they undergo during publication, and this in turn spoils the quality. Record videos in the highest possible resolutions – Facook has an HD mode for playback, which gives you the opportunity to watch in original quality. Spontaneity – don’t be afraid to put something off the script every now and then. Users like to peek at something from the inside, here and now, which may reveal some secret, is a preview of a new project or shows the everyday life of the company.

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Prepare attractive graphics Take care of catchy tet on graphics In addition to photos or videos, you can also post graphics that contain tet in the post. When will it work best? When you want to share important information, quote or encourage action. Let the tet be short, containing the essence of the matter, which, for eample, is develop in Canada Mobile Number List the content of the post. You don’t have to try fancy rhymes or puns to make it catchy. Often it is enough to simply write what will be relevant to the user. As you can see, E. Wel, informing the recipients about the introduction of ice cream to the offer, plac a classic message on the graphic, which contain the word new and that was enough. engaging posts on facook – catchy slogan on graphics Bet on contrasting colors.

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Complementing the already mention principles of good creation is its color scheme. It reaches the user the fastest among all post elements. By using contrasting colors, you are able to emphasize the tet present in the graphics. In the case USB Directory of photos, it will be good to, for eample, turn up the color saturation or make them taking into account the differentiation of the background and the main subject. If you are not able to compose a color palette for graphics yourself, it is good to use tools available on the w call color wheel or color palette generator.

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