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Content Unique content and properly embd in the code of the page is the basis. Therefore, attention should be paid to to the right photo formats, tet enrich with various forms of CTA not only in the form of banners, but also appropriate phrases or the use of an opinion collection system. Such actions make the wsite crible, and thus the net levels of fear of online shopping are ruc. It is important that all content is properly visible also in the mobile version. layout Every page – including e-commerce wsites – contains repetitive elements that help create a seamless user eperience.

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Typical types of subpages in e-commerce wsites Home product listing product card In order to provide users with the best possible eperience, and at the same time a sense of security and certainty of the transaction, it is necessary to ensure that China Mobile Number List these elements are construct in an understandable and convenient way. A clear menu and navigation, as well as a well-functioning product search engine, will prove useful here. The latter is important all the more so that as many as of users abandon the wsite when the product search engine does not return the right results. Conversion Eperience Conversion Eperience is the path that a user has to go from being just a wsite visitor to becoming a consumer.

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Optimizing the conversion eperience is mainly bas on elements Basket Trust Forms Conversions According to data from the third quarter of . of e-commerce conversions come from tablets. They are follow by desktop devices with . and mobile USB Directory devices with . of conversions. Although the use of mobile phones is increasing, users still prefer desktop computers when shopping online. Abandon carts There can be many reasons for cart abandonment, but the issue of unclear costs comes to the fore. Users are reluctant to set up accounts on the wsite, so it is worth enabling them to shop without registering.

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