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This is primarily due to the type of activities carri out, but also, for example, from the specificity of the industry. Let’s take positioning as an example . If you are positioning yourself for general keywords, we consider a good ctr from even to about . The range is, as you can see, quite large and depends primarily on what market segment you operate in. If these are more detail phrases, . From the so-call long tail, a ctr of – will be satisfactory. High click-through rate – this is what every marketer strives for.

What Then Is The Key Factor Of Choice

This is direct information that the website, advertisement, mailing, form “Do” what they are suppos to do. However, it must not be forgotten that ctr Armenia Mobile Number List does not operate in a vacuum. It should definitely be compar with other measurable indicators, such as bounce rate or conversion rate. In addition, the roi factor is crucial – if it does not reach a given, assum ceiling, high ctr will cease to be so important. At the same time, even a low ctr, . At the level of , does not have to be interpret as a bad result. Ctr in google’s organic search results when we talk about organic search results.

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We understand the click through rate as the ratio of the number of website views in the search engine to the number of clicks and visits to the website. This means that ctr also indirectly affects seo. If users are eager to visit your site, google finds USB Directory valuable, useful content on your site. This means that pages with a higher ctr automatically rank higher in the organic search results on the search network. It is worth mentioning that the average ctr value for the first position in the search engine is around . In the case of third place, the result drops to about.