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The main idea is to make the shopping process as simple as in a brick-and-mortar store – placing the products in the basket and then going to the checkout. Therefore, the progressive trend in e-commerce is the use of “one page checkout”. one page checkout Many stores optimize order steps to two, maximum three. It consists in aggregating individual components when placing an order – . delivery and payment methods in the first step, in the next step providing order data, and then only payment. This type of checkout should consist of the following steps: – Basket: cart summary delivery method payment method – Shipping details: address data form order and pay .

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Acknowlgment three steps of the basket order summary Optimize your videos It’s not surprising to have videos on your storefront as they increase your Ivory Coast Mobile Number List conversion rate. This is because video provides a lot of important information in a short time, and in addition in a pleasant form. In addition, video allows you to better present the properties of the product, which in the case of static forms, . photos, is often difficult or even impossible. E-shops use different types of videos: guides, reviews, instructional and advertising videos.

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They are usually plac on the home page, product page or the “about us” tab. However, there are a few key rules to follow to ensure that videos on your storefront will actually increase your conversion rate: Avoid autoplay . Auto-playing videos tend to USB Directory annoy users. They distract them on the page, especially if the video starts with automatic sound. It is worth leaving the user to decide whether he wants to watch the video. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule, . a video on the home page in the form of a banner can be start in automatic mode.