Change the image of marketing in the company

When an article we have on the site matches the criterion of evergreen content, it is worth checking whether the potential of the topic is fully us by us. For this purpose, we can collect keywords that bring Internet users to our article page (. in Search Console or using tools such as Senuto or Ahrefs) and compare them with other popular phrases for our topic (. in Ahrefs Keyword Explorer). Bas on such a comparison, we will be able to identify new keywords or entire threads that could be includ in our article (such a small GAP analysis in relation to a specific topic and its potential), and then optimize the content of our article for them.

Change The Image Of Marketing In The Company

When our evergreen article is optimiz for the most important keywords, it is worth “reminding” the recipients about it. Not only by means of links on our social mia profiles, but also by means of standard links to the article post on thematically Canada Mobile Number List relat discussion groups and forums, blogs or portals that help in aggregating and distributing interesting content from the web. How often should you analyze your content for updates? It depends on the topic and time available. In the case of evergreen content articles, it is better to analyze the topic once and for all than to make minor changes every few months.

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In the case of dynamically changing industries and areas of life (. technology), where content quickly loses its relevance, it is worth checking whether our article is consistent with the current knowlge and expectations that the reader may have USB Directory regarding the topic we are discussing. However, don’t overdo it – sometimes it will be easier to create a new, up-to-date and completely separate article than to update content that was creat several years ago on a topic for which completely different points of reference now exist.