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This is perfectly demonstrat by the data from the report Ecommerce in Poland in conduct by Gemius more and more Poles buy online and they do it more willingly. If you want to keep up with the changing habits and the growing popularity of ecommerce in our country, it is worth considering moving your business online. In this way, you will not only promote your brand, but also gain greater sales opportunities by reaching a wider group of recipients whose shopping preferences have chang significantly over the past years. Now you know how to go about it, so let’s do it! Relat articles Start selling on Amazon a beginner’s guide Michal Stanko June , You will read in ~ min.

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Amazon how to get start Do you want to start selling in the world’s largest online store? Get to know our guide that will allow you to effectively start on Bahamas Mobile Number List Amazon. Thanks to it, you will avoid basic mistakes that would negatively affect your results in the future. What is worth remembering? How to avoid a crash? Check out our infographic! You can download it in good quality by following the link. Do you operate in the ecommerce industry and, for example, run an online store? You must be aware that getting traffic to your website is important, but it does not guarantee success, large sales.

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What you ne is a high conversion. What is it and why is it so important? Conversion definition Let’s say you run an online store with ucational mats for babies. Your website has really good statistics in Google Analytics above all, a lot of traffic. Meanwhile, there was no sale. You see that your potential customers, instead of clicking “Pay”, leave the page. Few orders can certainly not USB Directory be call successful, and the store barely makes money. Why? It’s probably about low conversion. Sounds enigmatic? Okay, time for some theory. What does “conversion” mean? It’s a different goal.