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Meta descriptions are also important. If you do not complete them, google will display a fragment of the content from the page, which will not look very attractive. And it certainly won’t encourage you to click. Third, use friendly urls. This is another item that shows up in search results. Users are less likely to click and share long addresses and those with strings of numbers and letters. The url should be transparent and reveal the content of the subpage. Ctr is a key indicator of a site’s position in google and individual site activities. But not the only one.

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Remember that the ctr indicator does not function in a vacuum, and the visibility of the page is a component of many smaller elements. Amazon fba vs fbm – which amazon sales model to choose? Michal stanko april , you will Portugal Mobile Number List read in ~ min. Amazon fba vs fbm one of the first decisions a seller has to make on amazon is which sales model to choose. It is worth noting that this dilemma concerns not only beginners, but also experienc sellers looking for a way to increase turnover on the website. A potential seller has two logistics models to choose from – fbm (fulfilment by merchant) or fba (fulfilment by amazon.

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What is amazon fbm? This is one of the two sales models that is very popular. It consists in bearing full responsibility by the seller for the storage, packaging and shipment of the goods, as well as returns. In this logistics model, the seller should focus on USB Directory ensuring the fastest possible delivery of products and enabling tracking of the shipment. In addition, it should ensure high standards of customer service. Where will fbm work? This model is perfect for sellers offering unique and niche products, as well as oversiz products. The weight and size of the product is crucial here.