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If our website has fully met the search intentions so far (. the user was looking for a specific product model, and we had this product), we were rank high in Google. However, if our product ceas to exist overnight, our website no longer meets these intentions and therefore sooner or later it will lose its high position for a given keyword. The consequence will be a decrease in organic traffic on our website. However, if the subpages with the error constitute a significant % of all our subpages – it may significantly lose its visibility in the Google search engine.

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This happens for several reasons: The effect of a large number of errors can be a high bounce rate – Google can thus determine that your website Czech Republic Mobile Number List does not meet the intentions of users, which may result in lower positions in Google’s unpaid search results. Google visiting and indexing a large number of your pages with a error every day may have a problem with indexing the other full-flg subpages of your website due to the limit crawl budget (resources that the search engine robot can spend on “scanning” your website at a given moment.

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As a result, a large number of your subpages may not be index in the Google search engine. SEO Copywriting from specialists Check out our >> OFFER << How to keep a user despite error? Pages with the code are and will continue to be an issue that will require cyclical analysis and optimization (at least once every few weeks, depending on the size USB Directory of the website). However, it is also worth thinking about solutions that will help to some extent to solve the problem of the growing number of pages with the message, and at the same time will have a positive impact on the experience of users and search engines.