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Are programmer Dear programmer How to keep IT specialists in Russian companies IT specialists are cats that walk by themselves and at the same time create the intellectual capital of the organization the personnel departments note. What is on the mind of the kings of the domestic labor market now why a special approach to IT personnel is being introduced even in state corporations and what difficulties will be faced when leaving abroad and whether it is necessary to do this at all in the RSpectr material.

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NO DISASTER HAPPENED This spring the threat of a complete loss of the most qualified employees has been added to the acute shortage of professionals in the Russian IT industry. Nevertheless the catastrophe did not happen the participants of the round table Storm Algeria Mobile Number List in the personnel market: you can’t leave to stay noted. The system integrator Angara Security recorded isolated cases of the departure of its employees who however returned within a week or a month said Oksana Tkacheva HR director of the company. She emphasized that ALL ORGANIZATIONS ARE NOW.


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INTERESTED IN THAT A PERSON WORK FOR THEM FOR AT LEAST THREEFIVE YEARS According to her the shortage of programmers in Russia has been observed since about and their outflow thanks to the activities of foreign vendors has always existed. However there are also barriers to relocation. Oksana Tkacheva Angara Security : – For example USB Directory only of our IT specialists speak foreign languages ​​at a conversational level. In addition six months after the move the tax residency of Russia is lost which is automatically established at the new place of residence where taxes can be higher than in our country. According to the HR director of Bridge Group Mira Pyatova reports of the exodus are nothing more than media hype. Mira Pyatova Bridge Group: First of all those who.

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