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Trigger communication: Trigger mailings generate 58% of revenue in the email channel; 13% of revenue from triggered communications generate emails after an order is made. Project comments How to generate 10% additional revenue through recommendations on the site and 13% through trigger mailings: LG case “A comprehensive personalized approach helped us deliver targeted offers to our customers, which ensured an increase in conversion and income. In addition to financial results, we expect an increase in customer loyalty and an increase in repeat sales, since we interact with buyers not only through recommendations on the site, but also through automated.

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Mailings that respond to every action of the buyer,” “We have a rich catalog, which is constantly updated with new models of equipment and electronics, so it is important to provide Colombia Mobile Number List customers with convenient navigation on the site, to make their shopping truly comfortable and enjoyable. In addition to individual offers on the site, we would like to support communication with customers in other channels, and trigger emails can be the most effective solution. This will allow us to increase key business indicators and customer loyalty,” Dmitry Atlyakov, LG Online Store Project Manager. How to generate 10% additional revenue through recommendations.

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on the site and 13% through trigger mailings: LG case “Smart online merchandising helps customers navigate LG’s online store, which offers a wide range of appliances and electronics. And trigger communications provide communication between the company and the USB Directory buyer in the email channel. Thus, we have formed and implemented a comprehensive personalization strategy designed to individualize each product offer. Clients receive only valuable relevant recommendations, as well as messages in response to actions and interests, and the company “gathers the fruits” in the form of an increase in conversion to orders, revenue and average check,” Alexey, Retail Rocket manager. How to understand why.