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Exclude from indexing pages with duplicate text that you don’t ne (. the policy or regulations tab). Rirect from duplicate URLs to the correct page. You can also protect content from theft. In this way, you will minimize the risk of copying text and graphics, and thus ruce the chances of placing them on other websites without your knowlge and consent. you will do this: Blocking content from being select and copi. By replacing the graphic file when downloading it from the website. By blocking the right mouse button on the page. Putting a watermark on the graphic.

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Make sure the content on your website is unique How to check the uniqueness of a text? You can do it in several ways! Google search Just enter a fragment of the article or description in the search field, and put the select part of the text in quotation List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu marks. This way Google will focus on exactly the same snippet and will show you in the search results if it is a duplicate. Copyscape tool Copyscape can also help you check the uniqueness of your text. All you have to do is put there the address of a specific page on which you want to check the content. As a result, the tool will give you a list of sites with the same content. Siteliner tool.

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Siteliner will help you detect duplicate content within your own site. As a result of a thorough page scan, you will receive information about subpages with the same content. Content is king, create valuable and unique content It is not difficult to fill the USB Directory website with any content, the trick is to create unique content that will help your website get the highest possible results in the Google search engine. However, to be at the forefront, you ne to bet on original content. Therefore, choose to systematically control content (external as well as internal.