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By analyzing data on the movement of customers from one segment to another, you can understand what to look for. retention matrix And the general dashboard allows you to track key indicators and gives an answer to the question of what happened to my client base over a certain period: How many customers have become more or less loyal; How much is lost; How many are reactivated. Client base status Using the Customer Intelligence system, you can systematically monitor the outflow of customers in each segment and in general for the company. Conclusion Customer churn is an important indicator that is directly related to business profitability. Each entrepreneur must deeply analyze the current situation, understand the problems of his company that lead to the outflow of customers, and solve them in a timely manner.

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The sooner you start implementing a customer retention strategy, the better. After all, the outflow of buyers, like a snowball, will become more and more every day, month, year. How a personal approach generates more than 12% of orders: the case of the online South Africa Mobile Number List boutique 11 Mar 2021 Intro Elyts (1) According to the consulting company IPG.ESTATE, in 2019 the global e-commerce market grew by 17.9% and amounted to $3.46 trillion, China, the USA and Russia were expected to be among the leading countries. The pandemic has reshaped the usual shopping, moving it to the online space, and the competition there has become even fiercer.

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Each buyer of an online boutique, increasing loyalty

This problem has not bypassed the fashion industry. How to please the buyer by personalizing offers on the site and making him a regular customer, we will tell in our case with the online boutique. Figures and facts is an online boutique of luxury clothing, shoes and accessories that can be purchased online. The boutique offers its USB Directory customers high-quality fashion items created by fashion designers from Italy, USA, Germany, France, Great Britain. The catalog contains more than 400 brands from around the world. Delivery is carried out to any region of Russia and the CIS countries and takes no more than 7 days. More than 356,000 people visit the online boutique site every month.