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You can read more about the phenomenon. Of cannibalization in our other article, available at the following link: s:sempaiblogkanibalizacja. Slow-key-dlatego-warto-miec-ja-pod-kontrola. Meta description – is it worth it. The description of the page in the Google search engine results. As mention above, is not a search engine ranking factor. This is due to the fact that when it was consider, many people abus. Its power and includ as many keywords as possible in the meta description.

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It began to happen that the description did not say anything about the content of the page, and contain only a conglomeration of many phrases, the Lebanon Mobile Number List purpose of which was simply to get the highest possible position in the organic results. However, Google (and other search engines) focus on user experience so that the meta description actually expresses short information about the content of the page. Although it is not a ranking factor, the meta description should be construct in such a way that the user knows exactly what is on the other side.

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Thanks to this, we will not mislead our potential customers and we will ruce the bounce rate on our website. We also wrote a separate article about the bounce rate, which you can find here: s:sempaiblogjak-zmniejc-wspolczynnik-odrzucen How to check page meta tags? The easiest way to check your site’s metadata is to go to the site and verify its source. How to do it? To do this, right-click and select “View Page Source” or use the USB Directory shortcut Ctrl+U). The information we ne is at the beginning of the code. To make things easier, we can press Ctrl+F and search for meta tags. The meta title can be check with the title keyword, and the meta description with name=”description”. Let’s make sure that the meta descriptions have the right length and are valuable to the recipient, . whether they inform about the content of the website in a correct (and attractive way.