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Source In the case of specializ blogs, this is rather an undesirable solution, because it is difficult to achieve such a scale to be able to derive real profits from such advertisements. In addition, a blog with a large number of ads loses cribility in the eyes of users. In this case, it is better to bet on other ways to monetize traffic. Cooperation with portals One of them may be cooperation as a publisher with portals such as Whitepress. We can apply to such a portal and offer to write a sponsor article, or we can simply publish such an article and, for eample, place a few links positioning another domain in it.

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In return, you can count on several hundr to even several thousand zlotys per article. Cooperation with brands This is usually the most profitable Russia Mobile Number List form of cooperation. It consists in creating an article and advertising a given brand in it. If done skillfully, the blog will not lose its cribility, and may even strengthen it. Here is an eample of well-written, sponsor blog content sponsor blog post source szeslivaza Pracylam-dwoch-facetow-do-sprzatania Launching new brandsproducts on the market.

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This is another positive of writing content of an advisory nature – if we show which running shoes to choose, we can offer a product that no one has heard of and, by comparing it to known models, position it in the recipient’s mind in such a way USB Directory that a given product from the unknown will become worth buying. For eample, you can write Mizuno shoes from the ABC Line are cheaper and in no way inferior to Asics shoes from the YZ Line. If the user did not know the Mizuno brand and knew Asics, he already knows that it is worth getting interest in it.

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