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Store’s customers have shown the greatest interest; bestsellers with discounts – the store’s most popular products at a discount. In the recommendation block in the letter, one product of each of the three groups is used. To test the block, subscribers were randomly divided into 2 segments. Segment A was sent the current version of the email, segment B was sent the version with the recommendation block. A/B test According to the results of testing, the addition of a block of personal recommendations provided an increase in conversion by 112.49%. The statistical significance of the results was 97%. Statistical validity Intersection of the confidence intervals of the conversion distribution: Confidence intervals You can learn more about how

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Statistical confidence and probability density are calculated in the article “How to increase the metrics of an abandoned cart email? 5 practical hypotheses that increase conversion and CTR . Case 2. Additional block “Personal recommendations” Smart algorithms of the Retail Rocket Venezuela Mobile Number List platform have not yet learned how to read the minds of subscribers, but they successfully track and analyze their behavior on the site, determine interests in categories and individual products. Therefore, our experts divided the audience into two segments. Segment A received letters without changes (without a block of recommendations). And for segment B, our experts.

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Included dynamic content with the most attractive product recommendations in the mailing list. The block was automatically filled with goods of those categories and brands that the buyer was interested in. At the same time, such a parameter as the availability of goods in a certain region was taken into account, then recommendations based on the activity of the client will definitely be available in his city. A/B test According to the results of testing, segment B showed an increase in all key metrics: Click Through Rate is 6.15% higher; Conversion Rate above  Revenue.