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Savings also convince a large proportion of Czech customers – % save money and % save time. % of e-shop customers value a wider selection, and % the possibility of repeat purchases. Concerns of Czech consumers relat to online shopping For a large part of Czechs, the fear accompanying online shopping is the one relat to the lack of contact An videos avoid putting adswith the physical product. The inability to touch the purchas goods is indicat by %. Complications relat to the complaint are fear by % of respondents. Data protection ( %) and payment transaction security ( %) also raise concerns.

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A small percentage of Czechs also complain about the inability to consult the seller before buying. Devices through which Czechs make online purchases and mobile transactions complet in the application Trends in this field in the Dubai Cell Phone Number List Czech Republic do not differ from those in other European countries. In the first place among the most popular devices through which customers make online purchases, there is a desktop computer, although its advantage over smartphones is very small. The fewest people finalize the purchase via tablets. It is worth noting that as much as % of mobile transactions were complet in the application. This indicates the ne for proper optimization of this channel as well.

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The most popular delivery methods in the Czech Republic in The most frequently chosen delivery methods in the Czech Republic are Zasilkovna Czech Post PPL DPD Czech suppliers dominate the top, which clearly indicates that the e-commerce delivery market in this country is growing rapidly. Similarly to Poland, parcel lockers (Z-BOX USB Directory operat by Zásilkovna) are becoming more and more popular. E-commerce e-payments in the Czech Republic E-commerce e-payments in the Czech Republic The most popular payment methods for online shopping in the Czech Republic in Among the payment methods chosen by Czech consumers, online card payment is in the first place. % of consumers use it.