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The website is design to provide all relevant information for a potential customer, both in the context of the products sold and the company itself. An important element affecting the user experience are the functionalities offer by the website, such as filters, sorting, etc. Contact methods and after-sales customer experience are also important. An example of this can be returncomplaint forms as well as their policy and the proper presentation of this information on the website. Limit pop-up windows the key issue affecting the customer experience is the ruction of pop-up windows.

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You should opt for only one pop-up – more pop-ups distract and frustrate users. Instead of displaying a pop-up with information about a promotion in the store, it is better to place the graphic in the banner section of the home page. In this way, you give Austria Cell Phone Number List the user a choice without forcing them to interact that is not necessary. Pop-up windows another example may be a subscription to the newsletter (in the form of a pop-up) display after some time spent by the user on the page, and not immiately after its loading. The same applies to subscribing to push messages.

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By limiting pop-ups, the beginning of the user’s journey becomes less burdensome. This improves the ux of the website. Subscription to the newsletter record for notifications page spe users will leave before they see what you offer if your site takes USB Directory too long to load. This applies to both the first page loading on the device and the spe of loading various subpages of the website, . Between product cards, category pages. Every . second increase in page load time is a decrease in traffic by up to ! User requirements for websites continue to grow. Internet users expect the website (also in the mobile version) to load in less than – seconds.