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The use of updat content in social mia is encourag by, among others, Paweł Tkaczyk (source: paweltkaczykplcontent-marketing-w- ) . Encourages the creation of snack content – ​​your Instagram or Facebook audience wants content thaAn broaden brand recognition infographict can be consum quickly. If it takes them more than a few seconds to read your message, they will probably keep scrolling. All you have to do is give them a snack in an accessible form – . a few stories prepar on the basis of the original entry. In this way, you will increase the attractiveness of your content and make it shar further.

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Evaluation of new content Have you refresh, rework the content and us new formats? You still have some work to do. The analysis of newly creat content is a key step in the content recycling process. Look into Google Analytics and check statistics Paraguay Mobile Number List on new users, sessions, time spent on the site and bounce rate. Measuring activities will help you make well-consider decisions in the field of content marketing. Comprehensive Content Marketing campaigns Check out our >> OFFER << Refreshing content? Don’t forget about SEO! Let’s get back to the topic of SEO. If you want the content on your website to work for its good position in the search engine, you ne to take care of SEO optimization.

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This requires . conducting keyword analysis and then supplementing the content with them. Also, if you haven’t already, add meta title and meta description tags to each article. Thanks to this, Google will be able to present the link to your article in a more attractive form, which may translate into more clicks and visits. Content recycling and evergreen content vs. SEO – what do you ne to know about them? Marcin Olszewski, SEO team leader at USB Directory Sempai Recycling content for SEO is especially important in the case of the so-call. evergreen content — content on topics that are universal, popular, and resistant to changing trends and seasonal fluctuations.

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