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For more information on conversion modeling in Google Analytics , see the Google documentation . Easy GA search with autosuggestions If you are a novice user of the GA service and you are not yet able to quickly find the data you are interest in, the following information will please you The search engine in Google Analytics offers automatic suggestions. Thanks to these “hints” it will be easier for you to find what you are looking for Example step.

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Click on the search engine at the top of the Google Analytics panel search in ga step . Start typing the password you are interest in step . As you type more letters, hints will start appearing immiately search in ga hints step . Choose one of the readymade El Salvador Mobile Number List suggestions Google Analytics will take you to the report you are interest in ga search report You see how easy it is! Turn events into conversions Setting up a conversion (UAnam cell) has never been so easy! In GA , you can do it with just one slider! How to do it? Go to Configuration ( ) > Events ( ) In the list, find the event you are interest in that you want to treat as a main goal or as a microconversion.

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Move the slider converting events into GA conversion If you want to use a given conversion in Google Ads campaigns, import it the same way you know from importing conversions from Universal Analytics new conversion actions And done! April , Sub USB Directory and Full Services in Google Analytics version This novelty will appeal to people who ne a solution similar to the data views we know from Universal Analytics. In GA version , you can create subservices, manage access for each of them. In each of the subservices, you can set up separate filters, divide data and create segments such as.

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