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The conversion of visitors interacting with recommendations is almost 10 times higher than the average for the site; 70% of orders contain recommended products. Project comments How to ensure ROI of 15,000% through a personal approach on the site: case “7 seeds” “Our business is committed to providing excellent customer service throughout the entire journey, and the range is so wide and changing so quickly that recommendations are a must for buyers so as not to get lost in the abundance of offers. The Retail Rocket team helped us develop a customer engagement strategy where everyone gets exactly what they want.

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As a result, customers are satisfied with our store, and we are pleased with the growth of business indicators,” Evgeny Surin, Marketing Director of the 7 Seeds online store. How to ensure ROI of 15,000% through a personal approach on the site: case “7 seeds” “We developed Denmark Cell Phone Number List and implemented personal recommendations for the garden retail leader 7 Seeds, providing each customer with their own unique version of the store, where offers are formed taking into account their interests and history of actions. Additionally, with the help of A / B testing, we tested several hypotheses that provided an even greater increase in the main metrics of the online store: conversions and revenue.

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We are confident that the close-knit work of our teams will help the development of our client’s business,” Mikhail, Retail Rocket Manager.Retention Strategy: 5 Effective Tricks to USB Directory Grow Retention Rate 25 Mar 2021 intro-5-priemov-uderzhanija 68% of sales are provided by regular customers, and loyal customers also bring in most of the profit: 12-15% of such customers account for 55-70% of sales. We continue to talk about retention marketing, and in this article we will share effective methods for your customer retention strategy  Content: Why you need to.