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Unpopular brands, on the other hand, stimulate the area associat with negative emotions, embarrassing us. It often happens that we choose a product with full satisfaction and certainty. A well-known brand seems to us better than an unknown brand. This can be appli to both specific products and the entire store, which is also a kind of brand. Research shows that advertising that we do not focus on still has a positive effect on the viewer. Because advertisements work without awareness, and it is known that we often do not make rational purchasing choices.

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We are usually driven by emotions. There is even a classifi effect “I like it, but I don’t know why”, which proves that we evaluate products not only by Czech Republic Mobile Number List their features, but also by associations. And it’s best that they be positive, which we can help with advertising messages This happens even if the contact with the advertisement was temporary and its content cannot be recall. Bet on YouTube when building your brand Youtube is still a channel with relatively little competition compar to Google. However, this does not mean that this way of advertising is ineffective.

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In Poland, advertising activities on YouTube are still mainly us by large companies or a global corporation due to the fear of a high entry threshold. However, activities in it cost much less than on television or radio. Therefore, when we decide to advertise on YouTube, we will be display on a prestigious channel that is currently us by USB Directory large companies and at relatively low costs more on this in a separate chapter. admarketPL-all – Source Starcom mia agency report – s.starcomww As the diagram shows, the share of video in the advertising market is . . However, YouTube’s share will be relatively smaller as video ads on other platforms have also been includ in the category, including but not limit to VOD.

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