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Solutions to the problems that cause customers to leave. As a solution , we proposed to segment the audience using the Customer Intelligence system and track the movement of the segments in dynamics: measure the Retention Rate, Churn Rate and other indicators. Determine the level of customer churn in each segment, conduct a study of the reasons for the churn and outline solutions for each reason. The result of the work was a methodology that allows you to systematically monitor the outflow of customers and find out the reasons for the departure of customers. In this case, we focus on the research process and methodology: how to organize customer churn research and what to do with the results.

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How to understand why customers leave and reduce their churn using a system analysis of customer data: case “Retention can be broken down into 2 phases: increasing Qatar Mobile Number List repeat purchases and decreasing churn. Focusing on the second, we have implemented a methodology that allows us to understand the problems of customers – what does not suit them in our online store, and solve these problems in time, ”- Marketing Director Anton Belchikov. Stage 0, preparatory. How to investigate customer churn To accurately determine what a churn and a customer who left is for your company, you need to level.

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The opinions of the director, sales manager, marketer and other experts. The emphasis should be on customer data, it is they who should become the foundation for churn research. At the same time, it is important to correctly conduct the study and interpret USB Directory  its results. To get started, you need to answer 3 questions: Do you really understand why customers leave? Perhaps it all comes down to intuition within your team. Building a churn reduction strategy based on them alone is a risky decision.